Introducing Tachyonic Finance’s iFTL

iFTL of Tachyonic Finance is a deflationary token faster-than-light space travel themed designed with a set of smart contracts featuring state of the art processing with IEEE 754 quadruple precision floating point numbers.

Because a tachyon would always travel faster than light, it would not be possible to see it approaching. After a tachyon has passed nearby, an observer would be able to see two images of it, appearing and departing in opposite directions. This double-image effect is most prominent for an observer located directly in the path of a superluminal object (in this example it is a sphere, shown in transparent grey). Because the tachyon arrives before the light, the observer sees nothing until the sphere has already passed, after which (from the observer’s perspective) the image appears to split into two — one of the arriving sphere (to the right) and one of the departing sphere (to the left). Credits: Wikipedia

Contract: 0x1a69c53ff96b103e46ed2178b8d6098f59b29125 | PolygonScan

Owned by Tachyonic Yield Farming smart contract: 0xA2f89949432a4b5E05A1f3C7c95Bd070c8911197 | PolygonScan

👩‍🍼 Supporting The Project

There are two main ways to directly support the project:

To buy directly iFTL buy with one of the following swap options at QuickSwap:

Pair info:

To indirectly support the project, join our discord server and explore with the community possible synergies…

💱 Investing to Yield Farming smart contract

The following instructions are to place an investment by interacting directly to the Polygon network with no user interface other than Polygonscan. A proprietary interface (UI) is currently under development and will present an intuitive way to invest in the contract through our website. Under the hood what the UI will actually be doing is exactly the process defined below…


If you have USDC in Ethereum main network, make sure to bridge them to Polygon network at the Polygon wallet first.

Purchase of USDC in Polygon network:

If you already have USDC in Polygon network, skip this section…

To buy USDC in order to place an investment to the contract, enter, click connect to a wallet in the upper right button as follows:

Connect to a wallet button. Credits: QuickSwap

Select MetaMask option as follows:

MetaMask button. Credits: QuickSwap

Then unlock your MetaMask extension clicking on the Unlock button as follows:

MetaMask extension Unlock button. Credits: MetaMask Firefox Extension

Now click on buy button to the upper midle left as follows:

Buy button to upper middle left. Credits: QuickSwap

Click on receivable MATIC to change the coin to be bought as follows:

Transak interface for buying cryptocurrency. Credits: Transak

Click on the network Drop down menu where it says ALL NETWORKS.

Network dropdown menu. Credits: Transak

Make sure to select MATIC network as follows:

Matic network selection. Credits: Transak

Now select USDC coin as follows:

USDC coin selection on MATIC network. Credits: Transak

Then Transak interface updates with the correct coin to be bought as follows:

Purchase of USDC at Polygon network configured. Credits: Transak

Then configure the coin with which you are actually buying USDC in Transak interface and follow the intuitive purchase sequence presented to you.

Tada, you should now have USDC available in Polygon network. With these you will be able to place the investment in the Tachyonic Yield Farming Contract.

Tachyonic Yield Farming Contract Investment

Step one: Open this.

Click Connect to Web3 to the right of the round red button as seen in the picture:

Connect to Web3 button. Credits: Polygonscan

Click on MetaMask button when asked according to the pop up option:

MetaMask wallet button. Credits: Polygonscan

Read and Click Ok to accept Polygonscan terms:

Polygonscan terms. Credits: Polygonscan

Then the red round button should turn green once you have successfully connected to the MetaMask wallet as can be seen below:

USDC smart contract connected to MetaMask through Polygonscan. Credits: Polygonscan

Scroll down until you find the function number 10: increaseAllowance.

USDC increase allowance function. Credits: Polygonscan

Now we will authorize Tachyonic Yield Farming smart contract to trigger a deposit transaction of a given amount of USDC tokens.

Copy the address of the Tachyonic Yield Farming smart contract, 0xA2f89949432a4b5E05A1f3C7c95Bd070c8911197 then insert it in the spender field of the increase Allowance Function. And in the value I will insert the number of USDC tokens I want to invest, but multiplied by one million because the USDC token has 6 decimals according to the picture bellow.

Increase allowance in 274.324 USDC. Credits: Polygonscan

Click Write and in the MetaMask extension click Confirm as follows:

MetaMask confirm button. Credits: Firefox Metamask Extension

Once confirmed, the Tachyonic Yield Farming contract now has allowance to spend in this case 274.324 USDC.

Step two: Open this.

Connect to Web3 in the same fashion you did in step one. Now look for function number 3: deposit as follows:

Deposit function. Credits: Polygonscan

Now enter the amount you are willing to invest multiplied by a million because USDC has 6 decimals. For the sake of this tutorial, I am investing 273.424 USD as follows:

273.424 USD investment placement. Credits: Polygonscan

Then click Write in the MetaMask extension, and in the sequence confirm as follows:

Confirm deposit of 273.424 USD. Credits: Polygonscan

Once the deposit has been confirmed, the Tachyonic Yield Farming smart contract will mint tokens for you and send them to the 24h token time lock contract. This means 24 hours from now you will be able to release your tokens to your wallet by triggering the function number 5: releaseTokens.

Pay attention that to release tokens one has to await 24 hours since the confirmation of the deposit and use and index number as parameter usually zero in the case of only one investment placed as follows:

iFTL Tokens release. Credits: Polygonscan

Once you have released, you will be able to see your iFTL tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

Obs.: It may be so you will need to add IFTL token reference to MetaMask in order to see your IFTL tokens as assets in the MetaMask extension after you have released. For this use IFTL smart contract address as follows: 0x1a69c53Ff96B103e46ed2178B8D6098f59B29125

Add Token button. Credit: Firefox MetaMask Extension

Click Add Token. Paste IFTL token address. Click Next.

Add Tokens. Credits: Firefox MetaMask Extension

Click Add Tokens.

Add Tokens button. Credits: Firefox MetaMask Extension

🔬 Background

A tachyon (/ˈtækiɒn/) or tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light. Most physicists believe that faster-than-light particles cannot exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics.[1][a] If such particles did exist, and could send signals faster than light, then according to the theory of relativity they would violate causality, leading to logical paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox.[1] Tachyons would also exhibit the unusual property of increasing in speed as their energy decreases, and would require infinite energy to slow down to the speed of light. No experimental evidence for the existence of such particles has been found.

- source: Wikipedia

✨ The problem

How to colonize other solar systems or even galaxies if even at the speed of light that would be impractical due to the huge distances involved? The only solution to this problem might well be faster than light space travel.

Unfortunately there is little to nothing known about tachyonic particles, even less known about how to use them in a way to turn faster than light space travel possible.

The costs associated with the research in this field are very significative to land real impact. This is possibly the very reason why this research field is crawling.

💡 The Proposed Solution

A deflationary set of smart contracts able to provide funding for research initiatives that ultimately will allow people to travel at faster than light speeds.

We propose a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) infrastructure that allow enthusiasts in the field to demonstrate their interest by placing investments in a yield farming smart contract where tokens can only be automatically minted upon the deposit of USDC tokens in Polygon network. This network was selected to save on network fees allowing the placement of micro investments.

🪙 Tokenomics

There is a time lock of 24 hours for the investor to be able to release the tokens to its wallet. Every day there is a 0.25% reduction on the amount of tokens received per USDC invested. This way USDCs can be invested in profitable operations and with the profits, the executive team will be able to conduct the monetary policy.

A vital part of the monetary policy, is buying tokens back from exchanges exerting buying pressure on the market and subsequently burning the tokens exerting scarcity, reducing the offer of the tokens. All done in the best interest of all supporters. The monetary policy shall be handled just like a central bank manages a country’s monetary policy. Where volatility can and should be dampened to avoid scaring supporters.

The smart contract will automatically also allocate a share of the funds for a shield that has the purpose to protect and perpetuate the organization. Additionally a budget for the executive team to conduct the jobs and, most importantly, working capital for the profitable operations.

The payment splitter smart contract has the initial distribution:

  • 10% shield
  • 10% monetary policy reserve
  • 30% executive team budget
  • 50% arbitrage back

🛡️ The Tachyonic Shield

A simulation of a solar eruption hitting Earth’s magnetic field. Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio/Community-Coordinated Modeling Center

The shield will be used as funding for:

  • legal cushion
  • bug bounty
  • auditing

🗳️ Governance

The Senate of the Republic. Credits: Star Wars Series

The organization will present a voting system to pass its resolutions with voting power proportional to the amount of iFTL tokens the voter has. We have just deployed Gnosis wallet in Polygon network aiming for this very feature.

Through voting, all project parameters will be subject to tweaks in order to best accommodate community interests.

🎉 How to Join In:

You can find more information in Tachyonic Finance website and begin supporting this project.

You can also join our Discord at:

And follow @kneel_david on Twitter for updates.

Hackers are welcome

Hackers are welcome. But make sure to wear a white hat, please!

We invite all hackers to look for the code and find vulnerabilities, soon we will be setting up a bounty campaign to reward white hat hackers!

The software repositories are publicly available in GitHub.


Note: is a high-risk project in Alpha. It is community governed and unaudited at the moment. It also includes a fee structure. If you have any concerns about long-term participation, technical or economic risk, or fees, then you shouldn’t partake in Tachyonic Finance.

Final Considerations

Please read the docs and support enthusiastically and responsibly :)